The Ultimate in On-the-Go Organization: 2023 Ram 3500’s Reconfigurable Centre Console in Kimberley

October 11,2023

In today's fast-paced world here in Kimberley, the interior of a vehicle must be more than just aesthetically pleasing—it must also be useful, suiting our ever-changing tech-heavy lifestyles. Recognizing this, the 2023 Ram 3500 features a game-changer for drivers who value both organization and convenience: a full-length customizable center console.This center compartment is exclusive to Ram 3500 cars equipped with bucket seats and is the ultimate of meticulously designed storage. Starting with the top and lower clamshell storage, you have plenty of room to keep essential items close at hand. The side pockets increase the storage options even more and are ideal for storing smaller items for easy access.Other than that, Ram also understands that in the digital age, charging capabilities are critical. Therefore, two 12-volt power outlets are seamlessly incorporated, allowing you to charge devices while on the go. And for those who dislike the mess of charging cables, a wireless charging pad is available, transforming the console into a high-tech charging station for tablets, smartphones, and even tiny tools.With the 2023 Ram 3500's reconfigurable centre console, gone are the days of fumbling around for devices, cables, or essentials. Instead, everything finds its place, ensuring a smooth and organized drive every time.Dive deeper into the world of the Ram 3500 and its innovative features by visiting the blog section of the Cranbrook Dodge website.