ten reasons to service your car at a bc dealership

10 Reasons B.C. Drivers Should Service Cars at a Dealership

car dealership wheel repairs near me bcThe Smart Service Choice: Ten Reasons to Take Your Vehicle to a B.C. Dealership

  • Do dealerships offer better services and OEM part options than independent mechanics?
  • Can B.C. drivers save both time and money by scheduling an appointment with their local dealerships?
  • Will an authorized dealership help maintain warranty protections and manufacturer guarantees?
The answer to these questions is simple: yes.

Where Should B.C. Drivers Service Their Vehicles?

Your car is far more than four wheels and an engine. It’s instead an investment - one that demands precise care. Like many B.C. drivers, however, you struggle with choosing the right service options. There are hundreds of local mechanics, aftermarket stores, and repair shops; and they all promise to deliver the best results.

We, however, believe these results can be found at authorized dealerships, rather than third-party vendors; and we feel it’s important to provide drivers with the information they need to make the best servicing decisions for their vehicles. 

The Top Ten Reasons to Service Your Vehicle at a B.C. Dealership

Specialized Training

Your local dealership boasts more than the latest cars. It also features a dedicated staff of technicians and detailing experts - all who have been taught to diagnose, repair, and maintain your specific brand. Unlike independent mechanics (who lack the necessary experience or manufacturer-authorized training), these individuals can precisely service your vehicle.

Custom Tools and Tech

Your car is a complex machine - and an authorized dealership has the ability to repair its complicated (and delicate) systems. Custom tools and manufacturer-rated technologies are employed to optimize each vehicle, utilizing the latest in wheel alignment techniques, CPU troubleshooting, brake replacements, and more; and these options are simply not available to local repair shops.

car dealership local repairs service bcOEM Parts

To ensure that your vehicle performs at optimal levels, B.C. dealerships offer access to OEM parts. These options - which may include tires, oil filters, and brake pads - prove best for servicing, complying with all warranty requirements and delivering an assurance of construction quality (neither of which is provided by aftermarket add-ons).


Dealerships receive financial assistance from manufacturers when building their facilities. This allows them to more easily afford the latest in diagnostic equipment, brand tools, and custom hardware - which promotes more effective servicing. Third-party vendors don’t have this advantage and may lack the necessary funds to upgrade their technologies.


Every step of the service process is conducted by expert dealer technicians: all who follow brand-mandated guidelines and maintenance rules. This eliminates the chance of unnecessary repairs, incorrect part ordering, or even improper diagnoses - which can generate a substantial cost when visiting independent mechanics. They can’t precisely troubleshoot and B.C. drivers may have to pay for their guesswork.


Every authorized repair made to your vehicle is automatically saved to the manufacturer network - which delivers an up-to-date list of your service records to dealerships across the country. This not only allows you to more easily make repairs when traveling (allowing technicians to quickly study your car), but it also serves as proof that you’ve maintained all warranty demands.

Recalls and Bulletins

If a manufacturer issues a product recall or technical bulletin (which are recommended repair procedures), dealerships will automatically receive these warnings - allowing them to quickly notify customers and schedule necessary servicing. Independent mechanics aren’t part of this network and will often be unable to identify new potential problems. 

Warranty Compliance

Vehicle warranties are strictly enforced - and, should drivers fail to adhere to their rules, they’ll be voided by the manufacturer. Any unauthorized repairs or aftermarket installations made by an independent mechanic, therefore, can prove costly; and it’s strongly recommended to allow dealerships to perform all tasks to ensure compliance.

car dealership service relationships near bcBrand Accountability 

B.C. dealerships are part of national networks - ones that represent their manufacturers. This lends considerable accountability to every repair, with technicians maintaining the high standards of the brand and performing each task with precision. Third-party vendors, conversely, are beholden only to themselves. 

Building Relationships

The repairs process extends far beyond part installation. It instead is a collective effort - one shared by technicians, detailing crews, sales staffers, and more. These individuals work together to promote a seamless consumer experience; and their dedication allows drivers to foster long-lasting relationships. You’re helped by many experts, rather than just a single mechanic; and you can trust that these teams are doing their absolute best. 

Have Your Vehicle Serviced at a B.C. Dealership

For those wishing to redefine vehicle servicing, choosing an authorized dealership will prove to be a viable alternative to local repair shops and aftermarket stores. To learn more contact us today.

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