Space Battle: 2022 Grand Wagoneer vs 2022 Lincoln Navigator in BC

May 25,2022

Do you want a family-friendly, luxury SUV with plenty of space for all of your luggage, sports equipment, and gear? Then you need to take a peek inside the new 2022 Grand Wagoneer. Compared to other models in its shared class - such as the 2022 Lincoln Navigator - it offers more cargo room on every configuration level.   Behind the last row is 775 litres (27.4 cubic feet) of space. By laying that row down, you can expand this area to 2,007 litres (70.9 cubic feet). If you need to gain access to the maximum capacity, then you can fold both back rows to reveal 3,304 litres (116.7 cubic feet).   On the other hand, the Lincoln Navigator is quite a bit smaller. Although it may look large on the outside, the interior is lacking in terms of cargo room. With all the seats in their upright positions, there are 591 litres (20.9 cubic feet) of space in the rear. Folding the third row will grant you 1,800 litres (63.6 cubic feet), and flattening the second row as well will provide you with 2,925 litres (103.3 cubic feet).   Ready to get your hands on a 2022 Grand Wagoneer? Get in contact with our team of experts to learn more about the lineup or inquire about current stock!