Pacifica Hybrid Technology – Optimize Your Driving

September 13,2022

Being the leading modern-age hybrid SUV in Cranbrook and other parts of Canada, the 2022 Pacifica Hybrid is packed with advanced technological features that give you more control over your power usage and helps you optimize your driving for maximum fuel efficiency. The smart hybrid electric app records real-time data of the power consumed by each component of your vehicle and allows you to view it at your leisure. On the Power Flow screen of the app, you can see how much energy the engine is producing to charge the battery, how much energy is being stored in the battery and how much is being supplied to power the features of your vehicle. You can also view the amount of energy used by the vehicle’s climate control system. Additionally, with Max Regen on, you can regulate the vehicle's power by accelerating, coasting, or decelerating using the same pedal (regenerative braking). You can also use the Pacifica Tools app to configure your charging schedule based on your convenience and daily electricity rates. The driving history page of your center console screen also provides a short summary of all the trips your vehicle has made. All this information can be used to identify and turn off features that are needlessly consuming energy and improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. To learn more about the new 2022 Pacifica Hybrid technology, get in touch with Cranbrook Dodge today!