BC: Explore the 2022 Ram 1500 TRX Performance Hood

May 25,2022

Aside from being the fastest and most powerful light-duty pickup in the world, the new 2022 Ram 1500 TRX also boasts a revised exterior style. Playing into its advanced abilities, these elements make the truck more aerodynamic - allowing it to slice through the air like a hot knife through butter.   First is the sculpted performance hood. Shaped to accommodate the largest air box that has ever been installed on a truck before, this piece pulls in plenty of oxygen to ensure that the supercharged 6.2-litre HEMI V8 engine can generate 702 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. The intake feds the motor which in turn enables a top speed of 190 km/h. This translates to a quarter-mile run of about 12.9 seconds. It also means that the vehicle can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Plus, it gives the exterior a more aggressive look.   Premium materials and textures can be found inside and out. The entire model provides an experience in luxury as well as athletic prowess. Larger tires have been applied to optimize grip on and off the beaten path. Finally, the Class-Exclusive Black Hawk e2 shocks designed by Bilstein soak up the impact of uneven terrain.   Contact our agents now to learn more about the Ram 1500 TRX!