A Cursory Overview of the 2023 Dodge Challenger in Baker

October 16,2023

When it comes to sheer power, the 2023 Dodge Challenger has few competitors thanks to its powerful lineup of engines. All 2023 Dodge Challengers come with V6 engines as standard, but if you want to get the most out of your muscle car, then opting for the Hemi V8 engines may be the way to go.  The thundering V8 engine is capable of outputting 485 hp for unadulterated performance. And if you want to get more power, you might want to try the high-end SRT Hellcat trim - this one really takes this up a notch. Standard Dodge trims aren't nearly as powerful as the SRT Hellcat, but will still give you a trip down memory lane for the incredible engine performance.  It is also worth noting that the 2023 Dodge Challenger was the final model year of the current generation - the last of its kind.  By all accounts the 2023 Dodge Challenger is unapologetic in paying tribute to the 1970s muscle car era with a minimalistic interior paired with comfortable cabins.  If you’re ready to test drive the 2023 Dodge Challenger here in Baker and find out which trim is ideal for you, head on over to Cranbrook Dodge! Our agents are happy to help with any questions you have!