2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Handling, Towing, and Off-Road Performance in Surrey

January 30,2023

Although Jeeps are best known for producing powerful off-road vehicles, the Grand Cherokee is just as comfortable driving on paved roads as it is on dirt. The handling is good, and there is very little body roll when turning bends. Additionally, it is simple to move around in confined areas, which makes it an excellent option for city inhabitants who wish to go rock-crawling on the weekends. The smooth ride quality of this Jeep is equally as amazing, with both the basic suspension and the optional air suspension easily absorbing any rough patches in the road. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a reputation for excelling in challenging terrain, and the 2023 Grand Cherokee model certainly lives up to that image. Every trim is offered with the option of four-wheel drive, and many of those versions also come equipped with rock-crawling features such as skid plates, a limited-slip differential, integrated off-road cameras, and adaptive air suspensions. As far as towing capacity is concerned, the 2023 Grand Cherokee, with the right equipment, can tow a maximum of 7200 pounds. To learn more about the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s handling and towing capabilities, please feel free to explore our new Jeep inventory in Cranbrook Dodge.