2023 Dodge Durango vs. the Competition in Baker

January 17,2023

How does the Dodge Durango stack up against the Jeep Grand Cherokee L? In many respects, the Jeep Grand Cherokee L is superior to its cousin, the Dodge Durango. The Jeep Grand Cherokee L has an interior that is almost of a luxury grade, enhanced driving characteristics, and improved off-road capability. In addition to that, it offers a significantly broader selection of driver aid functions. On the other hand, while both vehicles share the same V6 and 5.7-liter V8 engine, the Durango has a more extensive V-8 high-performance engine line to choose from. How does the Dodge Durango stack up against the Ford Explorer? The Ford Explorer demonstrates that the most recent model year is not always indicative of higher quality. Redesigned during 2020, the Explorer has a significantly greater number of safety features compared to the Durango. Moreover, the Ford’s entire series of turbocharged engines manages to combine satisfactory performance with improved gas mileage. However, in comparison to the Durango, the Explorer's towing capacity is far lower, the inside has an unexpectedly low-quality feel, and the third-row seats are extremely uncomfortable. In the end, neither is a top selection in the midsize SUV market, which is extremely competitive. To learn more about how the Dodge Durango matches up to its rivals, please check out our new vehicle inventory at Cranbrook Dodge.