2022 RAM 1500 – Pro Driving Features

August 27,2022

A truck hitched to a trailer can be difficult to drive and control since the size and weight of the trailer makes your vehicle heavy and unstable. Not to forget, the trailer also obstructs your rear view making it challenging for you to spot any obstructions in your environment.

Fortunately, Dodge anticipated these difficulties and features to the new 2022 Ram 1500 that make it easier to drive and control the truck even with a trailer hitched to it. One of the key features includes the state-of-the-art 360 surround view camera that provides the driver with an all-around view of the truck, trailer, and its surroundings from various different angles, up to a certain limit.

This allows the driver to know at all times if there is anything behind their trailer or cargo. Another important feature is the Trailer Reverse Steering Control which allows you to steer your trailer using only a knob located in your center console. This simplifies the trailer reversing process and allows you to control your trailer with confidence.

Blind Spot Monitoring System is another useful feature that employs radar sensors in the taillamps to scan the blind spot zones of the truck and alert you of any object or vehicle in that zone using a visual alert in the side mirrors.

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