2022 Pacifica Hybrid – Unmatched Fuel Economy in Wycliffe

September 19,2022

Fuel economy is always a major concern for larger vehicles such as minivans. However, the new Pacifica Hybrid by Chrysler completely dominates when it comes to fuel-efficiency. Backed by Chrysler’s industry-leading hybrid technology, the 2022 Pacifica Hybrid offers exceptional fuel economy - the best in its class! The minivan boasts an impressive fuel economy rating of 105 MPGe or 2.7Le/100 km in city, surpassing the fuel-efficiency of all other minivans and setting a benchmark for excellent fuel economy, while delivering exceptional performance and adaptability. The 2022 Pacifica Hybrid is powered by a 16kWh lithium-ion battery and highly efficient 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine with VVT technology which, combined together, allow this minivan to power your every ride with comfort and efficiency. Depending on the driving conditions, the minivan seamlessly transitions between the engine and battery and maximizes efficiency and range by using regenerative braking to partially recharge the battery. Speaking of recharging, topping up the battery in the new Pacifica Hybrid is easier and faster than ever before. You can charge up your battery in just two hours with the 240-volt Mopar Level II charger, or overnight with the normal 120-volt Level I charger. The five-point instrument panel charge indicator, which is situated on the dash, also allows you to monitor progress. The minivan offers a total range of 835Km (518 miles) while also giving you the option of driving it in all electric mode for up to 51km (31 miles). To learn more about the new 2022 Pacific Hybrid, get in touch with Cranbrook Dodge today!