2022 Jeep Cherokee Limited Delivers Safety Enhancements to Lumberton

June 7,2022

Do you want a compact SUV that comes with state-of-the-art safety systems? If you said yes, then you need to explore the driving aids included on the 2022 Jeep Cherokee Limited. Coming soon to Cranbrook Dodge in BC, you can reserve this premium model today! First, the ParkView Backup Camera is bolstered by the Park-Sense Rear Park Assist System. This adds a series of sensors to the back of the vehicle that will detect obstacles as you move too close to them. It is ideal for getting in and out of a parallel spot without causing a fender bender. Next is a two-in-one mechanism known as Blind-Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross-Pass Detection. It can alert you to other cars that you may not be able to see in your side mirrors, and it can let you know when something travels behind you while you are in reverse. Designed to prevent side-swiping and rear-ending accidents, you can go about your day with much more confidence. Finally, Forward Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control are pretty self-explanatory. One prevents frontal impacts and can take command over the brakes to avoid a crash. Meanwhile, the other helps to maintain the pace of traffic while keeping a following distance. Contact our team now to learn more about the 2022 Jeep Cherokee!