2022 Chrysler Pacifica British Columbia FanCAM Interior Camera

November 22,2022

Minivans are family vehicles, and the Chrysler 2022 Pacifica truly excels in this regard. It has addressed many problems that drivers face while on the road thanks to an innovative new feature. This vehicle is equipped with a FamCAM interior camera that allows drivers to keep track of their passengers on journeys. The FamCAM interior camera is embedded on the vehicle interior cabin’s ceiling. It is linked to your touchscreen display and shows you both the front and rear crystals in crystal clear resolution. This means you can check up on your passengers without having to turn your head around while driving. This makes the FamCAM interior camera a great feature for improving safety on the road. The FamCAM interior camera also features an innovative “Zoom to Seat” feature which allows you to zoom in on any one seat to get a closer look at the passenger. This makes it perfect for parents who want to check up on their infant in their child safety seat periodically. You can also use the FamCAM interior camera to check on any special cargo or items you are transporting. The video live feed means you can easily detect if your items are shifting around in the back and need to be resecured. Take your family’s safety to the next level with the 2022 Chrysler Pacifica. To learn more about this vehicle, consider checking it out in person by visiting the Cranbrook Dodge dealership.