2022 Chrysler Grand Caravan LaneSense in British Columbia

November 28,2022

Staying safe on the road can be tricky on long drives. It’s easy to zone out and forget to maintain your lane on the highway. Luckily, the 2022 Chrysler Grand Caravan’s LaneSense system is here to help. LaneSense is an innovative system that uses a forward-looking camera to detect your car’s position between lanes. When activated, the system will inform you if your vehicle is drifting out of these lane markings by providing a steering wheel torque warning. You can adjust the strength of this steering wheel torque warning easily in the LaneSense settings. This prompt only activates when your vehicle is moving outside the lane or when the minivan is moving in a direction opposite to the turn signal you have indicated. The LaneSense system helps you stay focused on the road to keep you and your passengers safe. You can activate LaneSense on the 2022 Chrysler Grand Caravan by pressing the dedicated LaneSense button on the vehicle’s center-stack. When activated, you should be able to see a “LaneSense On” message on your minivan’s instrument cluster display. LaneSense also offers a visual warning of this instrument cluster display if it detects you are departing from your lane without using a turn signal. This combination of visual and steering wheel torque warnings ensure you are alerted to any lane drift on your drives. To learn more about the 2022 Chrysler Grand Caravan, please contact Cranbrook Dodge Dealership.